Out of many sales channels branches remain the most important

customer touch points. At the same time, they may be the most expensive channel. CapacityPro helps client improve branch process workflow and increase sales growth.
In the stream branches we are focused mainly on Branch opening/closing process, Branch processes optimization and Sales force effectiveness.

A) Branch network (BNEC)

Branch network enlarging is focused on standardizing the process of branch opening /reconstruction and includes these key elements:
  • Strategy & Localities – how do we want to serve the clients? What are the best places to open the new branch?
  • Branch design & Construction – what are the branch design standards, layout?  How to monitor the construction time, timing of the opening?
  • Leadership- how to coordinate and motivate several different departments with different habits and hierarchy to bring the synergic effect and proper communication into project team?
  • Time, quality, budget – how to monitor the main variables and fit within the agreed plans?
  • People – how to hire so many new employees and how to train them to deliver required results?
Branch closing: The outcome of deep branch network analysis can be also branch closing. The reasons behind can be several (ineffective sales point, low client potential, too high costs to maintain the branch).

B) Branch process optimization (BPO)

Branch process optimization (BPO) is direct follow up of Branch network optimization (BNO).  BNO provides the deep analysis of the network which prioritizes and defines the group of branches with the potential of improvement. In the next level, branch process optimization identifies the opportunities and executes the potential improvements. BPO consists mainly of:
  • Analysis of AS-IS processes (FO/BO), TPA - Touch point analysis) – how does the real process currently look like?
  • Identification of bottlenecks & potential improvements – what are the non value adding activities?
  • Designing TO-BE processes - how to simplify, standardize, (de)centralize processes and eliminate non value adding activities?
  • New standards and business specification - what are the deliverables after the new process set up? (e.g. structure, documents, communication)
  • People – how to manage people to accept the change and enable them to match the needs of new process?

C) Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE)

Sales force effectiveness (SFE) is the solution for improving sales results in middle or large sales networks. To be able run successful sales operations you need to implement complex solution as:
  • Defining Standards for Sales Process and Sales Tools – how does the sales dialogue look like? And what type of tools can be used to be successful?
  • Set up regular monitoring and measurement process – how to measure and focus our sales force? How to transform data into the business decision?
  • Introduce Coaching Program into daily job specification – how can we work with direct reports? What is critical in daily management?
  • Execute PILOT or Roll/Out - how we can bring model into real life? When are relevant the results visible?
  • Location scoring/market research (identification of walk-ins potential)
  • Branch design manual (define standards for future opening)
  • Business case modeling (income vs. costs calculation/CBA)
  • Progress tracking tools (Project Plan, Milestones checklist)
  • Capacity planning tools (workforce and suppliers workload)
  • Touch Point Analysis (snapshot of the daily routine)
  • Branch Leader program (personal and professional development program)