Distribution Project References

  • Belarus – Midsized bank
  • Bulgaria – Midsized bank
  • Croatia – Midsized bank
  • Czech Republic – Midsized bank
  • Kosovo – Midsized bank
  • Hungary – Midsized bank
  • Poland – Midsized bank
  • Romania – Midsized bank
  • Serbia – Midsized bank
  • Slovakia – Midsized bank
  • Slovenia – Midsized bank
  • Ukraine – Midsized bank

BNO Kosovo

"The project management, the methodology and the output is very impressive and will be of great value to the bank.  Well done."
Chief Executive Officer - leading Bank in Kosovo

BNO Serbia

“BNO is helping us a lot. We can see the progress in different levers. I’m telling everybody that BNO is one of the best initiatives we’ve  got so far.”
Executive Director Retail Banking – leading bank in Serbia

BNO Bulgaria

" We can optimize and save EUR 3 mil. without hurting ourselves. We will not lose a single good person. Thank you for the methodology, ideas and tools which are very useful to have. Additionally I'm expecting a major jump in efficiency until year end and onwards."

Chief Executive Officer - leading Bank in Bulgaria