Branch Network Optimization (BNO)

Our primary solution for retail branch network management – Branch Network Optimization (BNO) is based on fundamental principles of network administration in banking and features complex, yet straightforward methodology of pro-actively dealing with your retail network. It offers benefits such as identification of problematic branches, regions and cities, as well as serving as a diagnostic tool for overall network and major areas to be improved (eg. pricing, branch management practices, lending, etc.).
Branch Network Optimization measures your network in two dimensions, offering a straightforward way to look at your branches, while keeping in mind the big picture. This approach combined with many detailed metrics about each branch and outlet form a comprehensive methodology for our clients to really start “managing” their networks. The two main dimensions are:
  • Financials – How our network is doing financially?
  • People– Are our resources managed and used properly?
        For each of the metrics we gather data, making sure it’s precise and reflects reality as close as possible. For missing data pieces we create them, based on available information, experience and industry-wide benchmarks.