Revenue Expansion Framework

Our unique solution – Revenue Expansion Gearbox ® is based on more than15 combined years of pricing experience, latest academic research and top industry standards. It allows us to identify and solve specific pricing issues or complete pricing processes implementation.

Reveue Expansion Gearbox ® breaks down any pricing problem to six main “gears” – areas. Distribution to the gears simplifies the problem, provides focus on key issues and speeds up the solution.
Here are the gears and related questions we ask our clients to find key issues:

  • Discipline - Where do we damage financial value in the company?
  • Structure - What are the key profit-driving products and pricing points?
  • Level - What is the optimal price level of our products compared to competition in general and on detail level?
  • Strategy - How should pricing strategy support general business strategy long-term?
  • Segmentation - How should we differentiate our offer across customers?
  • Capability - How can we create ability to implement & sustainable pricing momentum?

Typical project set up

We have experienced best results with following project approach:

  • Revenue Generation Audit
  • GAP Analysis
  • Business Case Definition
  • Detailed Project Plan
  • Data Collection & Measurement
  • Analysis
  • Product & Pricing Improvement Design
  • Pilot Implementation & Testing
  • Concept Fine Tuning
  • Facilitation of Concept Roll-out
  • Know-How Transfer
  • Performance Tracking