Service Excellence Programs

Why to create anything new, what has been already created and is working? Following this fact, we have designed and released "ready to use" Service excellence programs having all processes and manuals needed for smooth operation. Each program defines and rates the service standards against best practice guidelines and qualitative or quantitative indicators. Using our common program pillars, we allow the organizations to benchmark and compare anonymously their indicators among each other.

Core of each Service Excellence program includes:

  • project charter/definition including time map and phase plan
  • manuals for data collection (how, when, what, form, questionnaire template...)
  • index calculation specification
  • software functional specification (depend on chosen edition)
  • set of reports description (depend on chosen edition)
  • risks list/typical barriers and their mitigations
  • how to communicate changes within the Organization
  • how to work with the results/how to find real priority for improvement
  • definition of continuing improvement cycle

Service Excellence program - Branches

Scope tags: appearance, service times, waiting times, customer satisfaction - voice of customer, information availability, back-office services, complains, visit rates, services utilization, branch cost effectiveness, customer segmentation, branch operation time, error rates....

Service Excellence program - Call Centers

Scope tags: waiting times, queue analysis, calls statistics, performance evaluation, peak time, customer segmentation, customer satisfaction and expectation - voice of customer, services utilization, complains, hang-up calls analysis....

Service Excellence program - Direct channels

Scope tags: access rate, customer segmentation, information availability and simplicity, services utilization, complains, customer´s online time, transaction statistics, notification statistics, customer satisfaction and expectation - voice of customer, system availability, system reliability, online communication....

Service Excellence program - Employee

Scope tags: knowledge tests, communication skills, employee attrition, employee performance, presentation skills, active listening - identifying customer needs, customer satisfaction and expectation, complains, body language, stress management.....

Service Excellence program - Sale force

Scope tags: product sale statistics, product closing statistics, fraudulence, commission statistics, rates statistics,  customer satisfaction and expectation, customer segmentation, customer attrition, channel segmentation, sale goals vs. reality...