SQ One Editions

Service Excellence platform offers a broad spectrum of functional modules. This concept allows to be offered and sold in so called editions, their functionality is always pre-prepared and optimized for the specific field of use, or the type of customer. Each edition can also be freely expanded with further modules or specific client adjustments.

STARTER edition

"Success starts with Service Excellence, allow to express your needs, and get quick results"
STARTER edition is stripped down application having all from "must" functionality for the beginning. Application allows to upload source data, calculate and report data via basic set of reports and charts. From the possibility of calculation and data structure point of view, there are no any limitation from other available editions. To see functional overview, click here.
STARTER edition was designed to be implemented in very short time with favorable licensing conditions
Functionality highlights
  • source data management (batch, manual data input, view, edit, delete, lock)
  • flexible calculation model supporting wide range of possibilities
  • flexible calculation tree model (multi-level hierarchy - questions, elements, dimensions...)
  • flexible geographical model (multi-level hierarchy - country, region, city, branch, employee..)
  • management of external documents (ppt, pptx, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, zip, rar, pdf...)
  • report of source data
  • basic set of charts and tables
  • export to PDF, PPT, PNG
  • administration (codebooks, geographical model, calculation tree model, users...)
  • audit, logging
  • data back-up
  • multi-language support

STANDARD edition

"Run your Service Excellence more efficiently, get more information from source data"

STANDARD edition is well balanced application, having all from STARTER edition with enhanced reporting part. The charts are more comprehensive, more analytic and detailed with the possibility to drill down within the given chart. Next, the edition is equipped with the email notifications allowing automatically or manually to inform the user(s) about important events in application. To see functional overview, click here

Functionality highlights (extension the STARTER edition)
  • advance set of charts
  • on the fly filters, drill down charts
  • even driven notifications (user, group of users, all)
  • manual notifications (user, group of users, all)
  • dashboard embedded with the drill down charts for business users
  • dynamic report of source data with filters (geographical, area of services, sales ...)


"Best-in-class application allowing to manage the Service Excellence without any compromise"

PROFESSIONAL edition is fully equipped application. The major benefit is the management of Service Excellence action plan including sophisticated tasks management. The action plan and particular tasks are connected with the results of monitored area for given period. This highly practical approach enables to reduce the cost, risk and time involved in designing and implementing strategic changes (continuing improvement). To see functional overview, click here.

From the optional modules, we would like to mention the Customer Interactive Computer response. This functionality allows your Costumers to register their opinions instantly over the web through the customized survey form with own and unique URL, company colors, and interactive Q&A feature. As the result, it exponentially increase the value of your mystery shopping data by comparing it to direct customer satisfaction polling. 

Functionality highlights (extension the STANDARD edition)
  • data approval, iteration tracking including historical information
  • Service Excellence action plan management (add, edit, monitor, evaluate, remove, assign, status check, deadline check, connect with results...)
  • dashboard embedded with the drill down charts for local administrators
  • third party components (Google maps...)

 Other optional functional modules