SQ One Solution


SQOne is a state-of-the-art browser-based application allowing the organizations to self assess their capability in relation to customer focused services and sales performance. The application provides 24/7 availability and 99,8% reliability.
SQOne is modular application existing in several editions, designed for organizations in the public, private or voluntary sectors in order to support Service Excellence methodology and approach. The application provides tailored access to users (i.e employee with individual user´s accounts) throughout the entire network so they can understand and quickly action the results as they happen.
Thanks to the modularity and flexibility in the index calculation engine, SQOne is able to support organizations having many years experience in Service Excellence as well the organizations going to start or improve the Service Excellence respecting the systematic approach, standards and best practices.

SQOne in a nutshell

  • the way how to measure services and sales (quality drivers)
  • the way how to maintain Service Excellence action plan
  • the way how to monitor continuing improvements and trends
  • the way how to identify weak points
  • the way how to report Service Excellence results in understandable way
  • the way how to make information available for necessary decisions leading for ongoing improvements
  • the way how to archive historical calculated data as well as source data
  • the way how to have data secured and under control
  • the way how to have centralized source of Service Excellence information

Delivery model

The most appropriate delivery model is dependent on the unique characteristics of each Organization. We offers these two delivery models: 

  • On-premise: Companies host Service Excellence Platform at their own location, on their own servers. Often, companies choose on-premise deployments when their IT organization has established domain expertise for that process or technology.
  • CapacityPro-hosted: Service Excellence platform is hosted in secure CapacityPro data center and offered directly from CapacityPro on a subscription basis. This solution brings significant advantages for organizations looking for new financial, delivery and staffing alternatives. It allows users to access Service Excellence Platform from anywhere with 24/7 availability, using only a standard browser, without the need for complex IT installations or ongoing IT operations administration costs. The application is constantly updated