Case Studies

1) Large Bank in Ukraine/Bank process optimization/Centralization

(2008, 6 months, 3,5 FTE)

Project goal:
  • Implementation “paperless branches” in TOP 10 regions (covered 80% of business and 500+ branches). 
  • Centralization of BO specialists into one Back Office and building teams for better process support
  • Designing standards of documentation and providing steps for better process control
  • Digitization in ADC
  • Decrease administrative work by 74 % and reduced Cycle time of Closing process by 50%
  • Savings of 800+ FTE by Centralization into one Back Office

2) Middle Bank in Ukraine/Bank operational model

(2008, 3.5 months project, 3.5 FTE)

Project goal:  
  • Create one front-end solution for all branch processes and optimize process to enable employees to spend more time on Sales activities 
  • New organization structure in HQ and Branches
  • New Communication scheme between HQ and branches and HQ monitoring scheme
  • Branch book – description of all processes at branches for branch staff

20% Increase of time slot for Sales by elimination of NVA activities (non value added process steps) and by optimization of Customer Service activities by 15%.


3) Large Bank in Russia/Branch process improvement

(2009, 6 months project, 3 FTE)

   Project goal :
  • Optimize process to enable employees to spend more time on Sales activities
  • Identification of key processes taking the majority of time
  • Creation of new concept and development of new processes (less papers, less operations, reduction of not adding value processes)
  • Redesign of top 30 processes resulted in paperless process (<75% paper documentation eliminated)