Case Studies

Sales process improvement in middle size bank Czech Republic

Call centre sales project (2010)

Client situation in the defined area:

Basic of sales process already set up, with mostly push offers without need based selling approach. 20 service oriented agents involved in sales process with low sales performance (conversion rate below 1%).

Project goal and scope:

The main goal was to explore the sales capabilities of the Call Center as a potential key distribution channel in the future (“activation of a new sale distribution channel”) and to increase sales performance in call centre by 100%. 
Project Limitations:         
  • No IT changes
  • No organizational changes
  • No impact on current service level
  • Implement Only Quick Win solutions

Project delivery:

  • Call Centre sales processes mapping and data gathering
  • Design of cca 30 process improvements (quick win recommendations)
  • Decision on products to offer and design of product matrix including need identification questions and product benefits
  • Revision of sales KPIs and incentives schemes  
  • Implementing of Coaching strategy
  • Revision of call evaluation system
  • Set up of follow up calls to missed meetings
  • CBA calculation execution
  • Feasibility check with local team
  • Pilot preparation

Project results:

Productivity in pilot 8x higher than before the pilot. Conversion rates increased to 2,5% by more than 200%.  9 times higher revenue generated in pilot than expected.