Call Centre Excellence Project

Our call centre excellence project solution is based on more than 10 years of operational experience and top industry standards. The project delivers structured program with tailor-made proven tools and techniques which can help a call centre to increase revenues generating capabilities substantially.
We focus on these areas:
  • Sales process – How to execute sales process in call centre?
  • Portfolio management- What are the key profit-driving products and to whom they have to be offered?
  • Reporting- How to identify the main drivers of sales success?
  • Motivation - How to motivate call centre staff to deliver the right results and the expected behaviour?
  • Communication – Who are the main stakeholders and what, how often to communicate with them?
  • Coaching - How to support call centre agents to deliver the sales results?
Typical project set up
We have experienced best results with following project approach:
·         Sales process Audit
  • GAP Analysis
  • Business Case Definition
  • Detailed Project Plan
·         Data Collection & Measurement
·         Analysis
·         Design of sales process and sales supportive tools
·         Products offer Improvement or Design
·         Pilot Implementation & Testing
  • Concept Fine Tuning
  • Facilitation of Concept Roll-out
·         Know-How Transfer
·         Performance Tracking