Interaction with our clients and partners goes a long way. We used FAQ to improve our efficiency of information exchange.  It can provide our future partners and customers with answers to most common questions relating to Service Excellence initiation. 

Q: How long will take the initiation of Service Excellence program in our Company?
A: Generally, it depends on scope of areas, where the Service Excellence program is intended to be started. Thanks to our active approach and already defined mind maps, the initial phase including the definition of all business processes, index calculations and manuals can be prepared within 2-3 months.
Q: Can we use our "home-made" Service Excellence methodology and your measuring SW tool?
A: Yes, this is possible. Calculation engine is very flexible and is able to adopt every methodology. The organization (with our SW solution) gets comprehensive reports, secure and human mistake proof solution. 
Q: Can we accommodate your "ready to use" Service Excellence program during initial phase?
A: Yes, this is possible. We have list of boundaries need to be take into account during initial phase. To use the benefits and be able to compare the results between other customers, the key pillars shouldn´t be changed.
Q: Can you do the mystery shopping?
A: Yes, we offer this service. It is the one from optional services within our comprehensive Service Excellence program
Q: Why to use SW measuring tool and not the MS Excel?
A: At first sight, it can seem, that Excel will be enough for the index calculation. Based on our experience after several Service Excellence methodology implementations, we do not recommend using MS Excel as tool for index calculation. We see the MS Excel as short term solution with serious limitations. Unfortunately these limitations are discovered by Customer usually after several months from the first data measuring. To preserve our Customers, we have made transparent SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) giving all necessary information for the right decision. Our measuring tool in STARTER edition was designed just like efficient alternative to MS Excel solution. Using our SW solution will give you the benefits above MS Excel in these areas:
  • Trustworthiness of the results - no useless human errors in calculation
  • Consolidated historical and actual data view, kept at one place
  • Easy and fast access to historical/actual source data for everyone, shareable centrally (depend on system rights)
  • Easy and fast access to historical/actual calculated results for everyone, shareable centrally (depend on system rights)
  • Security, only one authoritative source of information, protected by rights management, data access auditing, logging 
  • End user orientation, more information available than currently published - no need technical skills to get detailed and individual reports
  • Regular data back-up
  • Fast data processing, quick response to all output variants of reports including period comparison.
  • Historical tracking of changes in index calculation, codebooks, organization structure....
  • Functional extensions/modules available
  • Synergies for future development across the Customers