• IT solution for corporate lending process

    Our team took the full responsibility and delivered comprehensive business design of innovative IT solution for corporate lending proces in a major bank in the Czech republic. The solution was fully delivered from design phase to real live environment, inl. business change management, in cooperation with our IT partner (one of the most successful IT compay on CZ market).

  • Branch network enlargement

    Our team set up and standardized E2E process for enlarging distribution network including HR activities which resulted in largest branch elargement in the history of medium sized Czech bank. For more than a year we were covering whole project management by issue solving, supporting and motivating team members and different workgroups.

  • Operations processes set up

    Our most experienced Operations specialist (10 years+) designed or oversaw/coordinated design of almost all Operations processes for emerging central Europe online bank (Hungary, Slovak and the Czech Republic). In addition he also implemented RASCI model to setup clear responsibilities within the organization and established internal process measurement system.

  • Branch Network Optimization

    Our team developed and integrated new system of branch efficiency management using unique advantage of Branch Network Cockpit, defining branch efficiency KPI and diagnostics of branch performance to identify branches with highest potential to bring additional value to the one of top three banks in Slovak Republic. The Branch Network Cockpit is combining outcomes from quantified internal as well as external potential of the branch with allocated resources available in the branch and its efficiency in three dimension matrix.